Learn how to fulfil the many functions of online journalism in one place

Multimodality… it’s a big word, but have no fear, it’s pretty self-explanatory. In this case, it’s multimodality in terms of storytelling. So, simply put, it’s using different modes (text, speech, music, video, image) to tell a story.

I know we are told not to always trust Wikipedia, but it has a very sound and accurate definition of multimodality:

“Multimodality is the application of multiple literacies within one medium”.

What’s the relevance?

As a journalist, you’re always telling a story, and it is important to stay updated with the best ways to tell it.

Deuze argues that multimodality helps to fulful the many functions…

How much privacy can sporting stars expect?

There are a number of laws in place to protect journalists, the corporations they work for, and the public. But when it comes to sporting stars, or celebrities more generally, there are blurred lines between these laws.

As a journalist, you should be aware of the possible legal challenges you could face when publishing a news story. In this blog post, I will outline what I believe are the most important ones.

The Independent Press Organisation

The IPSO have an Editors Code of Practice which sets out the rules that newspapers and magazines regulated by IPSO have agreed to follow.

It is the responsibility…

9 ways to succeed in your venture into microblogging

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You may be reading this by fluke, or you may be someone looking to start micro-blogging. Believe it or not, if you have a social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, then my friend, you already have a micro-blog!

No one taught us how to use social media, we just did it; people living in this generation are natural micro-bloggers. We’re not all quite experts, but most of us are competent at the basics.

Nonetheless, after reading this blog, you can consider yourself an expert.

Take it from me, Abby Wynne; “micro-blogging master”. …

Journalist’s role in the digital age — Today’s news is NOT tomorrow’s fish and chips paper!

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Ah, the transfer window. The time of year that all football fans have been waiting for. The make or break of their beloved team. Which players are going to leave? and which players are going to arrive? Fans must find out as soon as possible, and it is up to journalists to deliver.

The football window season is arguably more exciting than the football games themselves. There is so much going on, speculation is high, and the rumour-mill is spinning. Journalists have to get it right. And they are in an epic race to do so.

“Today’s news is not…

A close look at sports journalism in the digital age, how good really is it?

Image from Pexels.com

Living in the 21st century it is hard to imagine sports news not found on a mobile device or TV screen. However, before the shift from print to digital happened, journalism was pretty different.

News production used to be largely controlled by big news institutions, it was a one-way channel of communication from the top down.

The news was distributed in print (newspapers) or broadcasted (TV and radio). In addition, it was scheduled, and audiences had to shape their lives around it. Media theorist David Gauntlet described it as “the gods” passing down information to “the little people”.

Convergence Culture

The proliferation…

Female journalists invade the sanctity of the newsroom, leave them with the soft news.

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Earlier this week I watched Tottenham play Arsenal in a football premier league match on TV. I also stuck around to watch the after-match commentary on Sky. Three pundits were sat around a table discussing the game. One of whom was Alex Scott; an ex-international women’s football player.

This got me thinking, how often do you see women on TV or hear them on the radio commentating men's football? Or similarly, what is the ratio of male to female sports journalists?

Not very favourable to women, is it?

Why is this?

In the book “News, Gender and Power”, Stuart Allen argues that there…

From Princess Diana to Sir Cliff Richard, the BBC has faced several legal challenges which shows how important it is to follow the law

Image from Pexels.com

Being a Brit, I am ashamed to say that I am not as well informed about the Royal family as I should be. However, earlier this week, I sat down to watch the 2 part documentary on ITV; “The Diana Interview: Revenge Of A Princess”.

I finally learnt about the interview which over 23 million people tuned into in 1995. The interview which Princess Diana spilled all. The interview which left the Queen with no other option than to order Charles and Diana to seek a divorce.

On the 20th of Novemer, it was the 25th anniversary of the BBC…

Writing a news story, is it as stressful as it seems?

As far as stereotypes go, journalists don’t have the best job going. They work in a very high pressured environment, with an extremely fast turn around for their work. In the public eye, they are seen as invasive and annoying.

I briefly stepped into the shoes of a journalist and wrote a story for a university assignment.

woman typing on a laptop
woman typing on a laptop
Image from StockUp.com

Here are 7 valuable things that I learnt…

People won’t always want to be interviewed so you have to be prepared to get rejected.

Forget everything you were taught in primary school about writing a story, news stories are the opposite. There’s no…

Acknowledge your addiction and make a change.

The Facebook widget on an iphone with a notification
The Facebook widget on an iphone with a notification
Image from Pexels.com

At the ripe age of 10, my parents allowed me to start my journey in curating my online self. The age restriction for Facebook was 13, but rules are meant to be broken, right? Every other 10-year old I knew had it, I didn’t want to be left out!

Growing up as a shy child, nothing swooned me quite as much as being able to make friends without having to come face to face. No more worries of a stutter, or going from pale to bright red in nought to two seconds. I was instantly popular, confident, cool, and outspoken!

Abby Wynne

30% perfectly poised, 30% journalism aficionado, 40% stellar writer, 100% modest. Grab a drink and join me exploring all things #sportsjournalism.

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